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The Regional Program MATH-AmSud is an initiative of the French cooperation and their counterparts from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela aimed to promote and strengthen the collaboration and to create networks of research and development in the field of Mathematics, through joint projects.


Its specific objectives are:


- to develop the cooperation in the field of mathematics, through the exchange of researchers and students among South American countries involved, as well as between them and France.
- to support basic and applied research projects containing a dimension of potential transfer and technological innovation, with a regional component, between France and at least two South American partners.
- to favor, in South America, synergies with other multilateral and regional programs in this area, particularly with the European Union.
- to favor young researcher participation in order to ensure long-lasting cooperation networks.


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  • Reunión STIC y MATH-AmSud- Santiago- Nov 2013
    Reunión STIC y MATH-AmSud- Santiago- Nov 2013

    De izquierda a derecha:

    Sr. Michel Cosnar: Presidente de INRIA Francia
    Sr. Pascal Delisle: Consejero Regional de la Delegación Regional de Cooperación para el Cono Sur y Brasil
    Sr. Marc Giacomini: Embajador de Francia en Chile
    Sr. Mateo Budinich : Presidente (s) de Conicyt
    Sr. Alejandro Jofré: Director del CMM

  • Seminario Math-AmSud- 7 y 8 de noviembre- Santiago
    Seminario Math-AmSud- 7 y 8 de noviembre- Santiago

    Rafael Correa (CMM)- Ivar Ekeland (Universidad Paris Dauphine)


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